31 Dec, 2015 - Daily Moleskine – December 31st – THE END!


The last drawing of my year long project! Phew. Finished off with a goofy self portrait. I think it turned out pretty well! Though the photo distorts it a bit, and my head is probably a bit wider.

I had a lot of fun doing this, but I’ll be taking a break from drawing for a while to concentrate on some other hobbies. I have a few projects in mind for when I come back to drawing. Hopefully a comicbook, and trying out some different art supplies. Thanks for everyone’s encouragement. It feels really good to follow through and accomplish this. I did end up missing a few days drawing on the actual day, but I always caught up, and for the most part was consistent.

30 Dec, 2015 - Daily Moleskine – December 29 & December 30


Second last entry. This one of my family. Great dog, and great boyfriend. I like the way Remi came out. He was tough to do him in ink because his face is so dark. Jon came out good too, though I think his mouth is too low. I will have trouble with mouths for a long time I think. That’s my poor spot.

28 Dec, 2015 - Daily Moleskine – December 27 & December 28


Going down the family tree, drew my parents from a picture that was taken a few years ago. My Dad had lasik and no longer wears glasses, but other than that I’m pretty happy how close they look. I really had a hard time with the mouths. I constantly have trouble with teeth size, and lip / gum shading. They turned out great, but the mouths are definitely the one glaring error.

26 Dec, 2015 - Daily Moleskine – December 25 & December 26


Merry Christmas! Continuing the family portraits with my maternal grandparents. These didn’t come out as well as the previous two. My reference photo was a lot worse, so the recognizable features aren’t as good. I still think it looks like them, but not as accurate.

24 Dec, 2015 - Daily Moleskine – December 23 & December 24


Going to end off the year by drawing my family. Starting with my paternal grandparents. They have unfortunately both passed, but I have a great photo from my Dad on my shelf in the living room that I used for reference. I think they both came out great. I instantly recognize them and my parents said they looked good too.

22 Dec, 2015 - Daily Moleskine – December 21 & December 22


Kermit the frog here, and Ms. Piggy! Watched the Muppet’s Christmas Carol over the weekend, and was inspired to draw me some muppets. Really like how piggy’s hair came out. Not great, but a lot better than some of the messes I’ve drawn before. Only 9 more drawings to go before I’m done the full year! I have the rest all picked out, can’t wait to be done!

20 Dec, 2015 - Daily Moleskine – December 19 & December 20


Getting into the Christmas spirit. A sketch of Mr. and Mrs. Claus. The missus’ mouth ain’t great, but I like the santa.

18 Dec, 2015 - Daily Moleskine – December 17 & December 18


A couple of terrible Doctor Who portraits. My favourite doctor, David Tennant, and the most recent doctor, Peter Capaldi. I did these super quickly, on purpose. I was hoping they would come out better, David’s face is way off.

16 Dec, 2015 - Daily Moleskine – December 15 & December 16


Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield, and Russian Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin (the first man in space). Portraits both came out ok, but my best, but not my worst.

14 Dec, 2015 - Daily Moleskine – December 13 & December 14


Two random babies from google images. I love the grumpy one on the left. Could have defined the lips a bit better, but the expression is great. The one on the right is a little too washed out. Bad source image, could have darkened up the features a little better.