22 Oct, 2013 - Ghosts


No source photo this time, just some silly ghost drawings for Halloween.


21 Oct, 2013 - Face Shading


What started as a sketch page for eyes, turned into a face shading exercise I’m pretty happy with.  The face proportions are wrong though.

16 Oct, 2013 - The Bear Rider



I could have spent more time shading properly, but overall I’m happy with how it turned out.  Based off a reference photo of a friend’s kid, in Alaska.

11 Oct, 2013 - New York Woman



Reference photo from Humans of New York.  It’s harder to draw small faces and keep the detail.  I ended up making her look a lot older than she was.

10 Oct, 2013 - Mavis


Friend’s bulldog Mavis.  Shading is haaaard


09 Oct, 2013 - Candles


After an unfortunate month long drawing hiatus, I got back into it with this drawing of three candles.  I like the board holding the candles, but again, I dislike the shading.