31 Dec, 2013 - Skulls


Quick sketching some more skulls.  Trying from different angles.

30 Dec, 2013 - X-Rays


Playing with skull shape and adding features on top.  The top-left head came out squished, and the bottom one was a little too square jawed compared to what I was going for.  I like the X-Ray affect of the finished heads.

30 Dec, 2013 - Skull 2


Another skull, from the front this time.  Went for a line drawing instead of a full shaded drawing.  I like the outline with the subtler definition in the inner parts.

30 Dec, 2013 - Skull


Started on a new book: Atlas of Human Anatomy for the Artist by Stephen Rogers Peck.  Went through the skull over the holidays and come out with some drawings I’m very happy with, starting with this one.

20 Dec, 2013 - Faces


Practicing more faces.  Proportions, eyes, mouths.  First three are original creations, last two are NBA players.  (Guess which ones!)

19 Dec, 2013 - Cock Blocktopus


I don’t know why I drew this.  Wanted to do something fun, and read this term online.

19 Dec, 2013 - Gran


Rough live sketch of my Gran over skype.  Doesn’t really look like her, but I needed the practice.

19 Dec, 2013 - Heads


Practicing heads.  Proportions, angles, shapes, genders.


16 Dec, 2013 - Eyeball


I’m pretty happy with this one, it came out exactly how I’d envisioned it.


13 Dec, 2013 - Steak Dinner


Inspired by my work’s Holiday Party, a simple steak dinner table setting.  Not a lot of detail, but I wanted to concentrate on the lines and proportions.  I think the perspective of the silverware is off, and the composition is a tad off as well.