31 Jan, 2014 - Pub Sketches


Brought the sketch pad to our local bar and stealth-fully sketched a few people, trying to concentrate on proportion, rather than details.

29 Jan, 2014 - Body


More upper body poses, mostly concentrating on getting the arms correct. I’m finding it hard to get them to look right, especially when they’re shortened in the perspective.

29 Jan, 2014 - Arms


Some initial arm sketches. I want to get a good idea of the muscle placement and curves. Not too happy with these, but everyone has to start somewhere!

28 Jan, 2014 - Self Portrait 3


Drew myself sitting in front of the mirror. HUGE improvement from the last time, or first time I did that. My co-worker said it looks like a police sketch artist drawing, ha ha. I think the right side of the face is too far over, and the eye positioning could be a bit better. Also, the lower part of the nose I’m not 100% happy with. But it definitely looks like me.

26 Jan, 2014 - Elbow Joint


Elbow joint, combination of the upper arm (Humerus) and lower arm (Radius and Ulna). I’m not happy with this one. The joint is muddled with too many lines, the shading is a bit meh, and the lower arm is compressed. I rushed through it, and it shows.

25 Jan, 2014 - Radius & Ulna


Bones, Bones, Bones.  Back to blended shading.  I liked the way this appeared when scanned and with the levels adjusted, more than I do on the actual paper.  Quite happy, though it’s a tad stout when compared to the source picture.

17 Jan, 2014 - Inhale – Exhale


Drew something fun. The two types of smoke were interesting, I wanted it to look like the left face was inhaling, and the right face was exhaling. Idea came from yoga class, “Inhale through your nose, open mouthed exhale.”

16 Jan, 2014 - Male Upper Body


More upper body work, trying to get the male frame more realistic / less muscle-y.  And trying different fitness levels / weights.

15 Jan, 2014 - Upper Body 2


Some upper body work, without the skeleton this time. Female faces, and arm position / length are still a trouble.

13 Jan, 2014 - Humerus


More and more anatomy, two sides of the humerus bone, har har.