17 Feb, 2014 - Hands 3


Some more hand sketches. I think I’m getting better. These are all from a reference comic book (Swamp Thing to be precise :)). Except for the hand holding the ball, that was just from memory.

15 Feb, 2014 - Faces 4


Trying out some more faces. I’ve had problems with motivation recently. Went to Mexico for a week, and was sick. I need to get back on the drawing wagon. I still not comfortable drawing faces and figures out of the blue, I’m much better with a point of reference.

12 Feb, 2014 - Wrist Joint


Another skeletal drawing. I tried to focus on the outside lines, and I wasn’t going to shade it at all once it was done, but I felt it looked flat, and the lower finger bones didn’t seem like they were pointing in the correct direction. It’s not perfect, (the little finger joint looks odd), but I like it. One of these days I’ll have to stop using reference images, but that day is not today.

11 Feb, 2014 - Hands 2


More hand work. Tried to follow an online tutorial, but didn’t turn out as well as I’d have hoped. Need more and more practice.

10 Feb, 2014 - Hands


Started some work on hands. I found that I could draw some base positions without looking at a model, but the more complex positions I need to revert to looking at my own hand, or something online. I think I’ve got a good start on the proportions between the finger lengths, and that. But more practice is needed.

09 Feb, 2014 - Beer


Drew at the pub again this weekend, but tried to do something inorganic. I began to draw my beer bottle, and started off too large, a common problem for me. It came out looking more like a stubby squared whiskey bottle than a standard beer bottle, due to the kink in the upper label line, and the shortened length. But I’m happy with it.

08 Feb, 2014 - Right Hand


Back on Anatomy. This one took quite a while, I spent a good amount of time on the proportions (though I think the medial phalanxes [phalaxi?] are a little off), and the positioning. And then quite a bit more time on the shading, due to my previous drawing coming out too light. I like it though, it felt nice to put a lot of work into it (over 2 days total), and have it come out well.

05 Feb, 2014 - Louis Chain #1


Work over a bunch of days. I learned I need to be darker with my drawings. It was too hard trying to clean this up in Gimp.

Louis C.K. -> Louie Anderson -> Anderson Cooper -> Chris Cooper -> Chris Rock

04 Feb, 2014 - Mirror Full Self Portrait


Drew myself sitting in the mirror waiting to get picked up for Volleyball. I didn’t mean to give myself such a smug expression, I was concentrating more on the positioning and perspective of the limbs. It looks like the right leg is too big, but it was closer to the mirror.

03 Feb, 2014 - Batman & Joker


Drew Batman from a statue on my window sill, after reading The Killing Joke. Tried my hand at a Joker face as well, but it didn’t turn out as well as I would have hoped.