25 Mar, 2014 - A Wild Pack of Family Dogs


More Modest Mouse inspiration. I wanted to include more dogs, but I found once I drew the first three (pug, terrier, shepherd) I didn’t feel like there was room for anymore. I tend to work too big on the page, which causes the drawing to appear cramped. Hopefully I’ll get better with my scaling, and I’m going to switch to a bigger sketch pad once this one’s full.

23 Mar, 2014 - Superstud


Quick sketch at the pub of my “Super Stud”, as he suggested :). Began as a quick figure sketch as he kept moving, but filled it out more once I had the outline decided. Not bad, but the foreshortened right arm, again, is off. I think the watch should be tilted, and not straight on, as that gives a bad perspective. His head shape and mouth are also a bit off.

22 Mar, 2014 - Orcas Island


Went to the San Juan islands over the weekend, Orcas Island specifically. This was the view out our cabin window. I haven’t done a lot of landscapes, so I thought I’d give it a try. I liked the way it came out, though I would do the water and the sand differently. And the background island on the left lacks detail and form.

20 Mar, 2014 - Narwhal


Was lacking motivation, so asked my instagram followers for suggestions. The only one that replied said “NARWHAL!!!!!!”. So… here’s a narwhal!

19 Mar, 2014 - The Moon and Antarctica


I’ve always wanted to learn how to draw better. Last year, I was listening to Modest Mouse’s The Moon and Antarctica and could picture in my mind a scene I wanted to draw for almost every song. I wanted to do a project that would include a drawing for every song, and for the album itself. That was the seed that pushed me to actually take the time to get better. I’m still planning on doing that project, and here’s the basic idea for the album drawing.

17 Mar, 2014 - Pelvis


Rough time getting motivated in March. Don’t know what it is. Back to an anatomy drawing, the pelvis. Not too happy with it, but didn’t spend that much time on it.

15 Mar, 2014 - Faces 5


Drew some faces over the weekend. Trying to get the proportions right still, and play with different head shapes.

13 Mar, 2014 - Hockey Player


Inspired to draw a hockey player. Used some images from google for reference. Was going for a meaner looking, bruiser of a player, so I based the face of Richard Kiel. I want the pose / posture to look intimidating, as if the player was skating toward you with great speed and anger. Don’t know if it’s that dynamic, but I overall am pretty happy.

08 Mar, 2014 - Fists


Working more on hands. Fists are probably my biggest problems.

07 Mar, 2014 - Adam


My friend posted one of his old modeling pictures (the “by Calvin Klein” title is just a joke) to Instagram, and I used it as the source for this drawing. I made a LOT of tweaks on this to get it looking correctly. I don’t know if it’s more experience, or because I know what he looks like, but subtle imperfections were very obvious to me. I initially made his top lip to tall (something I constantly have trouble with), and the left side of the face was out too far (another thing I’m bad at, keeping things in proportion at the beginning). I really happy with how it turned out though. I would immediately recognize this as my friend if someone else drew it.