30 Apr, 2014 - Form 3


Continuing with the form series. This was the fattest marker. I wanted to do some diversity with the characters, so I tried for a female form here. I tried not to make her boobs too crazy, hopefully they don’t look too big. And I wanted to make the pose a little bit more dynamic than the previous two.

I gave simple digital colouring a shot too. I sort of like the color palette, but she kind of looks like a mixture between an american flag, and a prostitute. Whoops :)

23 Apr, 2014 - The Massive, and other sketches


Copied some faces from the comic “The Massive”. The two center ones are the same panel, though the middle one came out better. The lower, and right most faces are from other picture references. The picture is kind of washed out because I used a soft pencil (2H), and the page was bigger than my scanner so it was hard to get a tight scan.

21 Apr, 2014 - Julia Child


Been getting into cooking a little bit, and watched the first and last episodes of Julia Child’s “The French Chef”. She had such a personality, I wanted to try and capture that on paper. I’m pretty pleased with it, except of for the hair. Hair is hard.

20 Apr, 2014 - Form 2


Continuing on with the “Form” drawings. I wanted to draw a thinner, pacific islander face. No reference picture, but used myself in the mirror to try and get the body and arms down. I’m mostly happy with it, except for the lower hand, I don’t think it’s the right shape or size.

19 Apr, 2014 - Form 1


I started this one out, just drawing heads. I wanted to see the line weight difference between my 3 markers, using each of them as the thick outline, and the micron for the rest of the details. Once I got done the first head, I drew some parallel lines coming out of the head to fill the page, then drew part of the rest of the body as well. I liked the way it turned out, so I’m going to do at least two more, with the different sized markers, and see how they all turn out.

18 Apr, 2014 - Jane Krakowski


Drew this one by request. I see the resemblance, but the head shape is WAY off near the jaw line. And I was too liberal with the shading lines, made her look older. Here’s the source image.  Her mouth and left eye are a little messy too.  I tried to clean it up in Gimp, but there was too much to clean, so I left it to learn from my mistakes.

17 Apr, 2014 - Allen Leech


Bought a 40 page A5 Fabriano sketch book, and I’m going to try to fill each page with a portrait. First two were my grandparents, and Jon. This one is Allen Leech from Downton Abbey. (here’s the source image). Don’t know why I picked him to draw, ha. I liked the way this turned out though. I thought the dark shading on the left side would look weird, but it turned out ok. It’s not an exact replica, but I’m happy.

16 Apr, 2014 - Up The Stairs


Drew the door leading to the second floor of a house. A lot of tight line work. I mis-calculated the spaces between the stairs and had to eliminate a few, but I overall liked how it turned out.

Side Note: This is my 100th post, although, not my 100th sketch. On to the next 100!

15 Apr, 2014 - Characters


Some rough character work. Top left is mostly from imagination, which is why the proportions are terrible. Right side is mostly from Swampthing, but I didn’t do a very good job. Bottom figures are from Ex Machina. I really like the bottom right face, there’s a bit of detail, but it still seems clean? My shaky hand and inexperience don’t make it as good as the original, but I like it.

I think I want to pick up some grey scale markers next, for shading with the markers.

15 Apr, 2014 - Mad Men


Watched the season premier of Mad Men on Monday, and Jay R. Ferguson’s magnificent beard inspired me. I didn’t use a beard photo for reference, because I feel like I need more practice on facial proportions and feature, and beard can easily hide those mistakes (from my experience). Added Elizabeth Moss to fill out the page.