04 Jun, 2014 - Bruce Lee


Finally got to do another portrait. Picked Bruce Lee this time. I had trouble with the left jaw line, and the left eye appears too flat. It doesn’t have the right 3D curve on the outer side. And his hair is too short, it should have been taller. And the left part of the mouth is wonky.

Over all I’m happy with it. I spent a lot of time reworking the positioning of the facial features in pencil before I started inking, and when I laid the source photo over it and compared, most things were in the correct spots.

03 Jun, 2014 - The Runaway (Norman Rockwell)


This is a recreation of Norman Rockwell’s “The Runaway”. I have a print of it hanging in my house, and I used that as the basis for the picture. I didn’t trace, just used it as a reference. It took quite a while, and is probably one of the most detailed drawings I’ve attempted. Although, the original has a LOT more detail. I even eliminated one of the people in the picture.

I wanted to concentrate on a particular style for this one, similar to the previous Einstein picture that I did. I wanted clean lines, no shading, no shadows. Just lines. I think it turned out well, I’m very happy with it. Of course, I notice there are things I could have done better (the feet for instance, and the boy’s expression), but overall I feel like I got the intent of the original.