31 Jul, 2014 - I Love Lucy


I hadn’t done a pencil drawing in a while, so I picked a still from the I Love Lucy show and tried to recreate it. I like most of it, but the arm is badly proportioned.

30 Jul, 2014 - Heineken Brewery


Trying to get some inspiration from the Sketch Daily subreddit. The topic was factories. I’m still inspired by my recent vacation, so decided to draw a quick sketch of the Heineken Brewery that we visiting while we were in Amsterdam.

30 Jul, 2014 - Mondrian


Saw a lot of great paintings in Amsterdam and Paris. Peit Mondrian was one of my first loves. The simplicity and abstractness was very appealing to me.

I tried to recreate a simple one with only lines and cross-hatching. I’m happy with how it turned out, but with my lines were straighter.

28 Jul, 2014 - Amsterdam Houses


Came back from a trip to Amsterdam, and was inspired by the row houses there. Picked some off Google Images and put them together. Lots of tight little lines.