31 Aug, 2014 - Jupiter’s Legacy – Character Study


Following the previous post, I wanted to practice more full body drawing, at different scales. I am in love with Frank Quitely’s art. He’s probably my all time favourite comic artist.

I’ve been collecting his latest series with Mark Miller, Jupiter’s Legacy. There are four issues out so far, so I chose a character from each issue and tried to draw it. I tried to focus mostly on proportion, and scale, and making sure that it at least looked like a real person.

I like most of them, I think the top right is my least favourite.

30 Aug, 2014 - Captain Cold


I realized I haven’t really done many full body drawings. A lot of portraits, and objects, but no people. I picked one of my favorite visually looking characters, Captain Cold, who is part of The Flash’s Rogues gallery. I used some images for reference to what his costume looked like, but didn’t have a hard reference for the pose.

To be honest, I hate it. I don’t like the legs, I don’t like the face, everything seems wrong :). But, it spurred inspiration to draw more bodies.

The takeaway is that I’m OK for a beginner drawing things from reference, but not as good drawing from just my imagination. That’ll come with more study with proportions, etc.

29 Aug, 2014 - Corgi


Drew a corgi puppy in a bow tie from my instagram feed. Spent a lot of time, erasing and redrawing the shape of the subject, as I found I was shortening or lengthening the head with respect to the body.

I initially wanted to to do this more as a line drawing, than with shading / cross hatching, but I found the contrast wasn’t good enough, and wouldn’t be unless I coloured it.

23 Aug, 2014 - Cat Clock


Nothing fancy, just a cat clock from a reference photo.

23 Aug, 2014 - Batgirl


Used a friend as my model for Batgirl. I like most of it, but it could have more shading / black, and collar / shoulder needs some work.

22 Aug, 2014 - Fred Rogers



Finally got back to doing another portrait. Chose Mr. Rogers, as, he’s probably one of the only people that everybody loves.

I included the pencils and the inks. As I like the pencils, and I didn’t want to screw it up by inking it. But I think they both turned out pretty good. Mouths are still hard.

05 Aug, 2014 - Map of Iceland


I’ve been wanting to do this one for a while. A map of my favourite vacation spot. I travelled to Iceland for a week back in 2012, and recently stopped there on the way back from Europe for a day.

The country is so beautiful, and unique. I sometimes think I want to live there.

I drew the map, and tried to get the coast as correct as possible, though I rushed a bit in some places. I didn’t get too much inland detail, because I couldn’t find a good stopping point. Too little would have seemed weird, and too much would have drowned out the rest. I’m happy with how it came out though.

04 Aug, 2014 - Wrench


A wrench. Drawn from reference photo online. I don’t like how shaky some of the lines turned out, and I should have spaced the inner letters a little better.

The shading just doesn’t seem right to me. I think the direction of the lines are wrong. Oh well.

02 Aug, 2014 - Swamp Thing


I’m trying to draw something every day again. Some days it’s hard, and some days the drawing doesn’t come out the way you’d hope, but at least pencil is on the paper.

I picked the topic “Swamp” from the sketch daily subreddit, and drew one of the characters from the comics I’m currently reading: Swamp Thing. The head, and silhouette turned out ok, but I didn’t put enough time or detail into it.

01 Aug, 2014 - Eiffel Tower


Spend a LOT of time on this one. Kind of an extension of the vacation inspiration, and the row houses and the Mondrian. Lots of lines, tight together. I spent a while boxing out the drawing to make sure the tower would have the correct proportions. I’m really happy with how it turned out.