26 Sep, 2014 - Bond


I haven’t done much drawing work in the last few weeks, I need to get back into it. I did do some sketches while watching Dr. No the other day. Only the one in the middle turned out ok.

16 Sep, 2014 - Athens


Used a picture of mine from a trip to Athens as the reference for this. I’m mostly happy with it. Some of the lines of the brick in the background should be straighter, and some of the proportions on the guard are off, but it looks ok. May try colouring this one.

11 Sep, 2014 - Regina


Spent the last week in Regina, Saskatchewan for work. Was bored so tried to draw the view out my window. It got dark before I could add a lot of the detail.

I’m not sure I’m too happy with it. I obviously don’t have my perspective lines draw right. I don’t draw many scenes like this though, so good first attempt?

04 Sep, 2014 - Body Study 2


Another page of body studies. I like the top two the most, I feel like the mouth in the bottom left isn’t correct, and the face in the bottom right is off as well. But good to get some more practice in :)

01 Sep, 2014 - Body studies


More body studies. All from reference photos from the internet. I feel like I unnecessarily lengthen torsos and limbs, and it makes the drawing come out looking weird. That’s something I’ll have to work with.

I’m happy with most of them, though the larger female drawing on the right appears to be falling over.