31 Mar, 2015 - Daily Moleskine – Mar 30 & Mar 31


Drew this guy in two different poses. Original character, sort of based of Jabba the Hutt and some video game characters I guess.

March is finished, bring on April!

29 Mar, 2015 - Daily Moleskine – Mar 28 & Mar 29


Started by finding a bird source photo on Flickr, and continued the sketch the next day with a bat. Batman and Robin?

27 Mar, 2015 - Daily Moleskine – Mar 26 & Mar 27


Left: Sketch from some roses on the table. Sort of a quick one, should have put more effort in.

Right: Self-portrait. This is probably the best self portrait I’ve done of myself. It looks pretty spot on, minus the white eyes. Don’t know why I didn’t finish the eyes. Looked fun I guess.

25 Mar, 2015 - Daily Moleskine – Mar 24 & Mar 25


Left: Trying to convince myself I can draw a good hand when I try. I think the index and middle fingers here are a tad too short, and the palm at the thumb needs to be reworked, but it’s definitely a hand.

Right: I was going to try and do a closed fist on this page, but life got in the way, and I only had time for a quick late night sketch. March has been a trying month to keep the project going, but I haven’t missed a day yet :)

23 Mar, 2015 - Daily Moleskine – Mar 22 & Mar 23


Sometimes you get inspiration and draw something you really like. Sometimes, you’re blocked and end up drawing a tissue box.

21 Mar, 2015 - Daily Moleskine – Mar 20 & Mar 21


I’ve been loving the new season of Broad City, so I tried drawing the two main characters Ilana and Abbi. Ilana turned out ok, Abbi… well, I’m sorry Abbi, haha. I didn’t get the pose I was looking for correct, I put too many lines in her face / mouth so the resemblance is pretty much 0.

19 Mar, 2015 - Daily Moleskine – Mar 18 & Mar 19


Utensils! The fork has five prongs, the chopsticks are too short, the drawings are a little bare, but I’m happy with it.

17 Mar, 2015 - Daily Moleskine – Mar 16 & Mar 17


Left: Just a weird before bed doodle, started with the nose and it just took off from there. Explored facial elements lines and proportion.

Right: A beardy chubby dude. The beard texture took a long time to finish, but worth it. The hair and eyebrows didn’t turn out the way I wanted it exactly. The line weight is too heavy for the size of each individual piece. At this scale, should have made bigger hair sections.

15 Mar, 2015 - Daily Moleskine – Mar 14 & Mar 15


Drew a building while outside the other day. I think it came out ok, thought the right window column of the middle three is a bit wonky, and I ran out of room at the top, so I cropped out a floor.

Spent the day vacationing on the 15th, and only remembered to do my drawing while close to sleep, so scribbled something down to keep the streak alive.

13 Mar, 2015 - Daily Moleskine – Mar 12 & Mar 13


Alligator and a clock. I wanted to draw something with an eye with no pupil, and the alligator come out of that. The clock was low effort, over the past week i’ve found I haven’t had a lot of spare minutes to spend on my drawings, but looking to change that in the upcoming weeks.