30 Apr, 2015 - Daily Moleskine – Apr 29 & Apr 30


Left: A tree from outside my hotel window

Right: An escalator from memory

28 Apr, 2015 - Daily Moleskine – Apr 27 & Apr 28


Left: My Left Foot.

Right: Spent the week in San Fran, didn’t have much time to draw, but wanted to incorporate its most famous landmark into a drawing. So many lines! I’d love to try it again with a bigger page and more time. Reminded me of my drawing if the Eiffel tower last year.

26 Apr, 2015 - Daily Moleskine – Apr 25 & Apr 26


Left: A little vacuum robot I worked on. I wanted to add more detail, but was kind of at a loss at what to add, so kept it a bit simple. I don’t like how the right arm sits, or the grating pattern near the curve, and the tank wheels I’m not happy with, but I like the character.

Right: Was looking into the Challenger Space Shuttle mission, and was inspired to draw the lift off. Really like how this one turned out.

24 Apr, 2015 - Daily Moleskine – Apr 23 & Apr 24


Left: Practicing some landscape drawings. Don’t like the lines of the bottom right corner, and I had some difficulty with the crests of the cliffs. But I think it’s interesting.

Right: Portrait of Norman Rockwell. I was going to try to do a recreation of one of his paintings that I have a print of, but didn’t have enough time, so settled for a portrait. This makes him look a little happier the source, but still ok.

22 Apr, 2015 - Daily Moleskine – Apr 21 & Apr 22


Coat on a hook, and a Dollar Bird based off a photo I found on Flickr

20 Apr, 2015 - Daily Moleskine – Apr 19 & Apr 20


I made the mistake of drawing one page landscape and the next page portrait, so you have to turn your head to see both pages correctly. I cut the image up and posted both here to make it easier.


Landscape: Been reading a book about landscape’s and it’s taught me some good beginner tips for composition and eye flow in a scene. Tried my first scene on this page trying to follow those principals.


Portrait: Less interesting, just found some pictures from a fashion site and picked one out to draw.

18 Apr, 2015 - Daily Moleskine – Apr 17 & Apr 18


Left: Another attempt at drawing Jon. The face is more accurate now, but the body came out too thin.

Right: Started reading a book about Bell Labs, and thought that one of their vacuum tube repeaters would be interesting to draw. The bulb is a circle, but I didn’t use my stencil this time, as I didn’t have it with me.

16 Apr, 2015 - Daily Moleskine – Apr 15 & Apr 16


Got another idea to use my circle stencil, so I drew a microscope, and the view from the microscope. I looked up some bacteria, and germs, and I knew I wanted to add a tardigrade. Overall, I like it. It’s just a mash of science stuff (chemistry, biology) with no other cohesion, but it works.

14 Apr, 2015 - Daily Moleskine – Apr 13 & Apr 14


Left: Lawnmower. I had an idea that I was going to draw a lawnmower on the left, and then continue the lawn on the right, and draw something else. But that grass was a bitch, so I abandoned that idea. Lawnmower turned out ok, but a little too stout.

Right: Got a new circle stencil tool that I wanted to play with. I just started drawing circles, and it morphed into a space-y scene.

12 Apr, 2015 - Daily Moleskine – Apr 11 & Apr 12


Tried to draw a patron of a brew pub I was at that day for the picture on the left. He kept moving, so I wasn’t able to get his head / face the way I wanted. Didn’t spend that much time on it though

Drew some beer taps on the right. Tried to get proportions right, but they came out a little too long.