29 Sep, 2015 - Daily Moleskine – September 28 & September 29


Hellboy sketch and Original Cyclops. Hellboy from Mignola reference turned out ok. I really wanted to get the whole sketch into the page, as I’ve had trouble with scaling. It mostly worked. The ax is a bit cropped.

Original Cyclops didn’t have a lot of detail to go off of.

27 Sep, 2015 - Daily Moleskine – September 26 & September 27


A couple more Justice League characters.

Drew batman from a Jae Lee statue, for Batman day. I really like how this came out.

Drew Superman from a Quitely panel. His face is not great (even for a Quitely face), and his right hand isn’t good either, but not bad. I’m definitely still better drawing from reference, than from none.

25 Sep, 2015 - Daily Moleskine – September 24 & September 25


A couple of Justice League entries.

Really happy with both of them. I like the water behind Aquaman, and I finally scaled someone to get the whole figure in the panel.

23 Sep, 2015 - Daily Moleskine – September 22 & September 23


Ugh. Not a good few days.

Used a “heftier” model for my She-Hulk, and I did not scale it right. She’s beefy, but not in the way I wanted. Way to stout.

Captain America, I didn’t use a model for the pose, and he looks a little sloppy. Both needed more time.

21 Sep, 2015 - Daily Moleskine – September 20 & September 21


Mr. Fantastic and Damian Wayne as Robin.

Don’t love the Mr. F. There’s a lot of freedom drawing him as his body doesn’t need to be so accurate, but I don’t like the post or his face.

I like the Robin more. I used myself for the upper body pose, and a found image online for the costume reference. I like how the pose and body turned out. The line weight on the head and face is a little heavy though.

19 Sep, 2015 - Daily Moleskine – September 18 & September 19


Nite Owl from The Watchmen, and Quasar.

I really like the Watchmen, but I’d be hard pressed to call a lot of the characters in that book a “superhero”. Even Nite Owl is a stretch I think. But I like how this drawing came out. The spot where his hand goes behind his arm probably needs more work, and his belt was a rush job.

I picked Quasar because he’s one of the heroes I was drawn to as a kid. I don’t know why, and I could barely tell you anything about him now, but his costume is nice. I think his first issue came out about the time I started buying comics myself, and that may be why. Legs are a bit wonky, and his 80s hair is awful (but drawn like that on purpose from a reference photo).

17 Sep, 2015 - Daily Moleskine – September 16 & September 17


The Thing and 90’s cartoon style Rogue.

Used The Mountain from GoT as the body model for The Thing. He kind of came out like Cookie Monster. I think it’s the eyes and the mouth?

Found a source image for Rogue, and scaled down the boobs (my god the giant boobs!). I really like how the face turned out, especially the mouth. I do not draw good mouths.

15 Sep, 2015 - Daily Moleskine – September 14 & September 15


Found a source image for Jazz hands, and tried to pick a character that it would make sense for. Dr. Strange came to mind. I don’t love this. The torso / costume is rough, and the face is crammed in.

Wonder Woman based off a Frank Quitely sketch. I like this a lot more. Things are in proportion. The shield is off, and her jaw line needs work.

13 Sep, 2015 - Daily Moleskine – September 12 & September 13


The Invisible Woman sketch I did based off a screenshot of Naomi Watts. I think she would be a great Invisible Woman, looks wise. I like how it turned out, but I wish it was darker, and the nose is not great.

The Captain Britain is based off a screenshot of Edward Norton in American History X, because his build in that movie came to mind when I was searching for source photos. I don’t really like any of it. It’s not very dynamic, the face and eyes especially are bleh. Another day where I didn’t have enough time and just through something down.

10 Sep, 2015 - Daily Moleskine – September 10 & September 11


Re-watched Mad Max: Fury Road the other day, so picked Furiosa as one of my subjects. I think her head shape came out a little weird, but overall I like it.

Went on vacation for a few days, and had very little time to draw, so I threw down a very terrible Wolverine. I really hate it, haha. I should do another Wolverine to make up for it.