28 Jul, 2013 - My Right Foot

my right foot


My right foot, drawn from life.  Wearing Converse shoes.

28 Jul, 2013 - Fingers Crossed

fingers crossed


Proportion is a bit off.

26 Jul, 2013 - Self Portrait



Self portrait from picture.  Don’t like the eyes, but the proportions are better.

22 Jul, 2013 - Upside-down Picasso



Another copy from the book I’m following.  The left shoulder is definitely wonky.

22 Jul, 2013 - Upside-down Court Dwarf



Drawn from “Drawing from the Right Side of the Brain” by Betty Edwards.  Stomach is a little off.

21 Jul, 2013 - Male Face



Pretty terrible study of a male face.  I find it hard to shade the nose properly

20 Jul, 2013 - Left Hand

left hand


Left hand study.

19 Jul, 2013 - Chair



Drawn from real-life.  Angles aren’t right, but I like the shading on the legs

17 Jul, 2013 - Indy



First drawing from a picture reference.  Didn’t get too much right, but at least it looks like a dog.