13 Oct, 2015 - Daily Moleskine – October 12 & October 13


Saw a billboard for a Critters Expo here in Seattle. That movie scared the crap out of me when I was a kid, couldn’t sleep for literally months. Fun to revisit with a drawing.

Drew a flamingo for the other page.

I really like how both of these turned out. I wish I had spent more time on the backgrounds. The horizon for the flamingo is weird.

11 Oct, 2015 - Daily Moleskine – October 10 & October 11


Didn’t take too much time on either of these drawings. Wine glass, and fuzzy bear.

09 Oct, 2015 - Daily Moleskine – October 08 & October 09


Drew a couple more panels. The feet one was based on a drawing I saw on tumblr. The fists were a continuation of the theme, based on a photo I looked up on Google images.

07 Oct, 2015 - Daily Moleskine – October 06 & October 07


A few boxed in panels. One of my dog, Remi… turned out ok, but where’s that foot coming from? The belly line is way off.

The other is just some rocks on a beach scene with a balloon, based off an image I found on instagram

05 Oct, 2015 - Daily Moleskine – October 04 & October 05


I dreamt I drew a fireplace, so I drew a fireplace. Also an ink well for inktober.

03 Oct, 2015 - Daily Moleskine – October 02 & October 03


A fall themed drawing on the left, with a stack of pumpkins. Reeeeeally like how it turned out. The shading and the line work came out how I wanted. Fun to be back with the ink pen.

Did a wedding silhouette on the left. Tried something new out, wasn’t sure how it would turn out. The white space in the faces came out better than I thought, though still a little messy.

01 Oct, 2015 - Daily Moleskine – September 30 & October 01


Last day of super hero month with The Human Torch.

First day of Inktober, with the New Horizons spacecraft, featuring Pluto and Charon.

Like how both of these turned out. Excited to work in ink for the next month.

29 Sep, 2015 - Daily Moleskine – September 28 & September 29


Hellboy sketch and Original Cyclops. Hellboy from Mignola reference turned out ok. I really wanted to get the whole sketch into the page, as I’ve had trouble with scaling. It mostly worked. The ax is a bit cropped.

Original Cyclops didn’t have a lot of detail to go off of.

27 Sep, 2015 - Daily Moleskine – September 26 & September 27


A couple more Justice League characters.

Drew batman from a Jae Lee statue, for Batman day. I really like how this came out.

Drew Superman from a Quitely panel. His face is not great (even for a Quitely face), and his right hand isn’t good either, but not bad. I’m definitely still better drawing from reference, than from none.

25 Sep, 2015 - Daily Moleskine – September 24 & September 25


A couple of Justice League entries.

Really happy with both of them. I like the water behind Aquaman, and I finally scaled someone to get the whole figure in the panel.